Road Safety

Road Safety

Improving road safety is one of the primary purposes of Public Authorities territorial policies, be they Italians or Europeans. The incidents, in fact, are among the leading causes of violent death, in which the first victims are the “weakest” of the road: pedestrians, cyclists, children and senior Citizens.

Civic road safety education, adoption of appropriate standards up to the efficiency of detection of infringements systems, are all necessary actions to implement preventing policies, through innovative and effective tools that can bring a significant reduction of accidents.

Safety21 is constantly working side by side with Public Authorities and Police in this difficult and challenging task: to improve road safety and awareness-raising in compliance with current rules.

In the chronological period 2019-2020, mobility and road accidents recorded a radical decrease due to the health emergency caused by the pandemic, which imposed periods of prolonged lockdown thus determining a substantial block of circulation. The year 2021 was characterized by a diversified trend in road accidents. The rigid closures that characterized spring 2020 were contrasted by a resumption of car traffic despite all the variables that occurred between red and orange zones and night curfews, which partially limited circulation also in 2021.


Preventive behaviors

Professor Max Dorfer, observing several cases of road accidents, has repeatedly described the same as a phenomenon due to multiple causes that interact with each other in different proportions. The factors involved are basically three:


For what concerns “vehicle” and “context” it is important to provide a precautionary activity directly to drivers, so that they will maintain the constant control of their own vehicle, but also through the continuous adaptation of the infrastructures and the constant integration with road safety systems supported by a forward-looking legislative policy in road safety theme.

Human factor, however, must be monitored and alerted by a system of penalties together with a cultural development actions themed in road safety.
Safety21 has long promoted on this regard, an awareness project for the road user called “Ti Voglio Bene”.

Security for the community

ISTAT data show that protecting the community also means activate and promote a system for the safety of the individual citizen. The penalty system is now one of the most effective methods to ensure safety on the roads.

Aware of this, Safety21, in constant search of the best way to protect the citizen, has designed services and solutions to ensure high standards of reliability in the detection of infringements and sanctions process, guaranteeing the citizen a management system information in the greatest transparency and governed by well-defined rules and processes.

Security and benefits for Public Administrations

Safety21, in constant synergy with Local Authorities and Police, has studied and developed a system that can meet the daily needs of thea Public Administration for road safety: our TITAN® platform and its related services, enable PA the complete management of the sanctions process and the guarantee of protection of safety on the roads, also offering guaranteed solutions for the financial coverage of the investment and management of the whole process with absolute transparency and legality towards the city.

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