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Throughout 2015 in the province of Ascoli Piceno there was the awareness campaign for road safety ‘Ti Voglio Bene’. The initiative, which has received appreciation for the originality and effectiveness of contents, marked a further important step in the integrated project on road safety which saw the students of the involved Institute, “Fazzini – Mercantini” of Grottammare and Ripatransone and the Agricultural Institute “Celso Ulpiani” in Ascoli, with interactive lessons with the experts from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, representatives of the State Police and non-profit association “Lorenzo Guarnieri Onlus”.

In addition, the social advertising campaign ‘Ti Voglio Bene’ was made on shopping centers, roads with heavy traffic, industrial parks of various areas of the territory, large panels billboards with strong messages to draw attention to the serious risks that we run in contravention of the Highway Code, calling for a conscious and responsible driving.

It is a direct call to action to all categories: motorists, motorcyclists but also pedestrians, because a few simple precautions can save lives and reduce the accident rate. The campaign also involved the urban bus lines of Ascoli Piceno and San Benedetto and the suburban line service Ascoli Piceno – San Benedetto, as well as stretches of beaches of the Riviera delle Palme of San Benedetto, Grottammare up to Cupra Marittima, where 70 × 100 large billboards were placed. Recipients of the messages were mainly young people with impact slogans such as “kill you … of sports with your team” or “Tip over … by laughter with friends”, designed to hit users’ imagination and make people thinking about road safety.



The issue of road safety has to be daily a cultural challenge for our young people and a constant awareness, and we believe these initiatives will be an important contribution. Certainly, the improvement of road safety depends on a careful ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of road infrastructure; fundamental function remained head of the provinces and carried out by this organization with great care and synergy together with all municipalities. However, the shortage of financial resources make this institutionally difficult. In this perspective, it is increasingly important to promote, through a specific communication, positive change to correct and improve our social behavior. Abstract dal video "J News Piceno"
Paolo D’Erasmo

President of Ascoli Piceno’s Province



Ti Voglio Bene is a Safety21’s project, an Italian technology services company that offers to Public Administration and to the Police Force scalable and innovative outsourcing services for the improvement of road safety standards.


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